What are your 2024 Social Media Predictions?!

I wanna hear from YOU!

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Well, hello there, Marketers. I want to hear from you this time! I’m writing my 2024 social media predictions piece, but I want to also feature some Future Social readers in the article!

Reply directly to this email or email [email protected] with a few thoughts on what you expect from social media, brands, and influencers next year. It could be anything! I’ll pick a few to feature in the newsletter.

I’ll give you a couple hints as to what’s on my mind.

  • Will Twitter actually die or is it here to stay?

  • How AI image-creation tools could change daily social media

  • Will social managers struggle to find promotions?

  • In-house content creators: the next hiring move?

  • Will Threads become a legitimate social network?

  • Can brands win without video content?

  • Should YouTube become a bigger part of social?

There, that should be enough fodder for ya. I’m excited to hear what you’re thinking—the piece publishes this Wednesday!

—Jack Appleby

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