Cheez-It’s cheesy TikTok Influencer play

250,000 views & counting on this pizza.

Cookshow with Trevor has rapidly become one of my favorite TikTokers. His schtick is simple: he turns random foods into pizza, narrated by his befuddled wonders after munching down his creations.

Truly no food is safe. All must be pizzaed. For science.

I can’t confirm or deny I spent literally hours scrolling Trevor’s content back catalog, chuckling to myself at his bewilderment when a pizza’s a 7 outta 10 score (spoiler: he gives them all the same score, it’s part of the gag).

So you can imagine my amusement when I saw Trevor post branded content that earned over a quarter-million views. Even better, it’s working with one of my favorite snack brands.

The Content: Cookshow x Cheez-It

I don’t think I need to give you any context for this one. Trevor’s gonna make a Cheez-It pizza. And it’s gonna have Cheez-Its. And you’re gonna laugh, and you’re gonna wanna try a bite.


#ad Cheez-It Pizza 🍕 @Cheez-It #wantitneeditcheezit #foodtiktok #foryou

I laughed out loud at “I think I figured out what ‘it’ was—it was me! All along! I have become cheese—cheeser of worlds.”

Why it works

The idea is certainly simple, but like most awesome influencer x brand collabs, that’s a result of both parties doing all sorts of smart things long before working together.

Take Trevor. When he’s pizzafying, he often uses brand named items even when it’s not sponsored content. Have a look.

By utilizing brand names in his organic content, Trevor:

  • gets extra views from the recognizability of the brands

  • built a personal audience that expects brand involvement

  • showed brands the obvious way to integrate with his content

Maybe even more importantly, Trevor’s content is so, so brand safe. His persona is lovable, snark-free, unique, and wholesome. There’s a 0% chance of backlash for brands when they work with these types of personalities.

On the Cheez-Its side, they let the creator do his thing! That video is fundamentally the same as the rest of his content, and that’s why it worked. That’s as much due to a soft touch in briefing as it is clear brand x influencer alignment. I’m sure this video turned out exactly as they all imagined from the first outreach.

Not to break Trevor’s rating system, but this is certainly 10/10.