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Why every professional should write on LinkedIn

You can create content right next to your resume.

I had a panic moment at my first advertising job.

I’d been at that agency for 5 years. I worked with my best friends, loved working on Microsoft & Rock Band & Community (#sixseasonsandamovie), but I realized I didn’t know anyone in advertising who didn’t sit next to me.

So, socially-awkward me turned to Twitter. I wasn’t terrible comfortable with IRL networking at the time, but I’d made close friends through social networking. Figured if I shared my social & advertising thoughts online, I could make some industry friends, maybe impress a boss or potential client?

Writing some tweets and LinkedIn posts changed my life.

  • I sent a DM that turned into me moving to New York to work for R/GA.

  • I received a DM from my future boss at Twitch, asking me to interview.

  • Morning Brew DMed me, asking if I’d wanna write this newsletter.

  • An organic comment on LinkedIn turned into a six-figure sponsorship.

  • Met my last girlfriend (okay, that’s a different type of DM).

That’s not counting tweeting with my heroes, generating millions in new biz for my agencies and all other sorts of social mediating. And that’s all long before I became a content creator—I was just an advertiser writing things online.

There are so, so many career advantages if you’re willing to take some time to post online. Let’s get into the numbers, the advantages, and how you can post yourself.

A long list of statistics about LinkedIn

  • There are over 930 million users on LinkedIn (source)

  • Only 3 million LinkedIn users post content (source)

  • 84% of recruiters use social media for recruitment (source)

  • 67% of recruiters say LinkedIn-hired pros are higher quality (source)

  • 77% of marketers say LinkedIn has the best organic reach (source)

LinkedIn is a social-network, that’s tied to your resume, that’s the most searched place for both job postings and candidates, with one of the strongest content distribution algorithms, all while very few users make content.

The opportunity is immense. LinkedIn is 20 years old, but it’s got that feeling of early 2000s Facebook reach, or being one of the original YouTubers. The supply isn’t even sort of hitting the demand right now.

Networking works. Cold applying doesn’t.

When I chat with young jobseekers, they often share the number of jobs they’ve applied for as a show of their dedication. That’s great, and you certainly should apply for the jobs you want, but you’ve submitted for 50+ roles and aren’t getting nibbles, it’s time to shift focus towards meeting new people.

I liked this quote from an NPR interview on job searching.

"At least 70 percent, if not 80 percent, of jobs are not published, and yet most people — they are spending 70 or 80 percent of their time surfing the net versus getting out there, talking to employers, taking some chances [and] realizing that the vast majority of hiring is friends and acquaintances hiring other trusted friends and acquaintances."

Matt Youngquist, President of Career Horizons

You don’t even have to go to networking happy hours anymore (though I do recommend them). By simply posting on LinkedIn and Twitter, commenting on interesting content, and messaging people you’d like to meet, you can 10x your relationship building from your desk at home.

So what should you post on LinkedIn?

There’s a painless, easy system I recommend everyone try out for themselves. Each week, just make 3 posts:

  • Something you learned at work that week

  • Work you’re proud of + your personal contribution

  • Work from someone else that you admire

Right there, you’re covering 3 outta 5 business days a week while sharing your taste through your accomplishments and other work. It’s an easy win.

If you’re looking for clear guidelines on what to write each day, we build our new business 🐣 BAE! just for you. Those 8 am prompts are easy fill in the blanks, showing you how to take your experience and turn it into content in just 5 minutes.

We launched a business to help you!

I’ve always wanted to help people learn how to be themselves on LinkedIn and Twitter. There are so many wonderfully-talented professioanls who could find their next work friend, their next boss, and their next client just by sharing your thoughts online. I know, I know—it’s scary! Imposter syndrome is real! And it’s tough knowing where to start when most people have never posted to LinkedIn.

Even more important to me: I wanted my first “product” to be affordable to any professional. Like, $5 affordable. There aren’t enough low-cost, high value tools out there for people who wanna better themselves.

Introducing 🐣 Break An Egg!

BAE is a daily newsletter to help ya learn to share your work on LinkedIn & Twitter. Every single day, you’ll get:

  • A 5-minute writing prompt about work-life

  • An explanation of why it works

  • 3 proven social “hooks” to try for yourself

Maybe more importantly: you get to join our members group, where everyone supports each other, offers advice and feedback, and generally helps along your journey!

The goal: help you develop the daily habit of sharing your thoughts every morning, for just $5/month.

You can sign up for 🐣 BAE! right here.