The Future of Future Social, Socially

6 months as an independent publication & 56,000 subscribers... what's next? Where do we go from here?

I didn’t even realize today’s a big day for me.

It’s the 6 month anniversary of taking Future Social fully independent.

Wild. I figured the duct tape I’d wrapped around this business would’ve ripped. I’m plenty sore from the growing pains of entrepreneurship (just ask my therapist), but here we are—56,000 marketers, reading a weekly newsletter about social media, all without spending one cent on marketing. Y’all came here organically, which is so crazy and appreciated.

It’s a great moment to take a beat & ask a few questions.

  • What’s most helpful to you as a marketer?

  • How can I contribute more to our industry?

  • What if Future Social wasn’t just written essays?

  • Should we chat more? Meet-ups? conferences? Webinars?

I’ve chatted with some interesting folks recently who asked the golden question—where do I want to go next? What’s the future of Future Social?

Honestly? There’s never been a business plan. When I went independent, I threw all my energy into keeping the train on the tracks. I haven’t exhaled long enough to start dreaming about what could be. This anniversary’s plenty reason to reset & consider.

I definitely want to get out there more. I’ve loved giving panels & keynotes in front of audiences hungry to learn. I’d love to throw some events of my own, both digitally and IRL. Helping young marketers grow in their careers is still a priority for me—I’m on track to hit 100 volunteered career coaching hours by Christmas. More video content certainly needs to happen.

I’d love to hear from you—what’s been helpful, what you could use more of. You can reply right to this email with your thoughts—I’ll get back to all of you. Shoot me a tweet or LinkedIn message if you’re reading this on the site. No bad ideas in a brainstorm! And hey, if you’re organizing an event or host a podcast, I’d love to chat.

More than anything, though, I just want to thank you for reading. I’d given up my writing dreams back in college when I realized most journalists barely make gas money—now I’m building a media company around my writing. I can’t stress how much it means to me that you’ve all given me the opportunity to write, learn, and research a topic I’m passionate about.

See ya next week.