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A little about me + this newsletter

Hi, hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Jack—lemme tell you a bit about myself + my newsletter.

I’ve worked in social media for over a decade now with a bunch of great brands. As a Creative Strategy Director at various agencies, I worked with Microsoft, Spotify, DC Comics, Twitch, Beats By Dre, Verizon, the NBA, Minecraft, Community (six seasons and a movie!), and a whole slew of video games.

It’s been so, so much fun—I really do love social. I’m fascinated by the way we communicate online, represent ourselves, and find community, whether it’s for brands or real people. I study this space religiously—it’s as much my job as my favorite pastime.

Now? I write Future Social, a newsletter about social media strategy + creators for marketers who wanna learn best-in-class strategy. You’ll get stuff like:

  • How to repurpose content on TikTok + Instagram

  • When your brand should go dark on social media

  • Should you pay for Twitter Blue?

  • How to define social brand voice with a celebrity exercise

The goal: give you an actionable takeaway each week that’s as relevant for social media managers as CMOs. I don’t wanna give you social news—I wanna help you understand what to do about social news.

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