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How The Jet Business uses TikTok "Sales Skits" to generate millions of views

Yes, there's something all brands could learn from here.

I’ve got a question for you: what brands are you looking up to these days? Which brands are making amazing social content? Bonus points if it’s a brand I’ve never heard of, but I’m stealing your car if you mention Dunk In The Dark. Reply right to this email—let’s have a chat, I need new brands to write about!

Until then, let’s talk about:

  • How to sell private jets on TikTok

  • Why your brand should make “sales skits”

  • My free lesson on crafting your personal LinkedIn

—Jack Appleby

How The Jet Business uses TikTok Sales Skits to generate millions of views

Your For You Page is probably littered with all sorts of $5 trinkets & doodads right now (thanks, TikTok Shop). Scrolling’s way more fun when your feed’s full of more premium things, like $50 million private jets.

You read that right. The Jet Business has earned 1.8 million TikTok followers by sharing the process for buying private planes. Even more crazy—47 of their TikToks have over 1 million views.

Sure, it’s fascinating subject matter, but I believe many of their storytelling tactics could be used by any brand, with products at any price point. Let’s break down their signature content style + some tone & tactics.


Thank you to @Iman Gadzhi for visiting our showroom on Park Lane in London! #stevevarsano #thejetbusiness #imanghadzi

The Sales “Skit”

I know marketers love to yell about authenticity, but honestly? A huge portion of TikTok’s top performing content are scripted imitations of candid situations. I suppose I don’t know that these are skits… but… keep watching.

The Jet Business earned 35.9 million views on this video of a 19 year old “buying” a private jet. I’m fairly certain the line “daddy’s finally agreed to let me buy my first jet” isn’t something an actual customer would mutter, but you better believe that “19 year old buys a private jet” on-screen text + that dialogue hook viewers in. Let’s watch the content.


19 year old buys a private jet #privatejet #privateplane #stevevarsano

This is a 3 minute TikTok, but that (admittedly silly) character really only presents for 3 seconds. The rest of the video is founder Steve Varsano walking her through the plane selection process—the number of passengers, how jets are recommended based on length of average trip, the cabin height limits, and more. Most importantly, it positions The Jet Business as experts who know exactly how to sell private jets.

This Sales Skit formula has made The Jet Business go hyper viral several times over.

I know, I know—I can hear you muttering “they’re private jets, everyone watched Succession, my brand’s product isn’t that interesting.” Sure, there’s natural viral potential to this subject matter, but I believe the sales skit has legs past flashy planes. Here’s some first idea brainstorm examples:

  • I have $1000, what computer should I buy?

  • I can only eat one cereal for a month, which should it be?

  • I need an analytics tool with benchmarking, what do you recommend?

The best spokesman you could ask for

Putting a human face to a brand’s social media presence still gives many companies the heebie jeebies, but you can’t deny the pros. Brands willing to offer a talented host the chance to consistently star in TikToks create the influencer parasocial effect within a brand account—best of both worlds.

That’s where the aforementioned Varsano is fantastic. He’s a natural, comfortably selling/acting on camera with charm and eloquence. He clearly is a person the target consumer would trust, and has a personality many would naturally look up to. Varsano is functionally synonymous with the Jet Business.

Expert-level reaction videos

Rather than using TikTok’s native Duet functionality, The Jet Business records Varsano reacting to viral TikToks about private jets. It’s an easy win way to position Varsano as an expert, both correcting misconceptions about private jet ownership and validating stories from those riding the skies.


#privatejet #thejetbusiness #stevevarsano

The formula works wonders every time. Take a look:

Has he actually sold jets off TikTok, though?

He says he already has. And when you’re selling jets between $5 million and $75 million, a single sale more than justifies your social media investment. ROI is automatically bananas with one purchase.

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