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The Shorty Awards + Wave launch $100,000 creator fund

It's not just $$$, but business know-how

Creators want to create—that’s what we’re good at. But uh… we’re not accountants. Many of us don’t love the business side, or don’t even know how to get started. It wasn’t two months ago I was googling “how do I send an invoice?” (yes, I google like I live in a retirement home). And many wonderful makers are still looking for their first $$$ to come in—those dollars help get the right camera, better mics, and the knick knacks necessary to achieve their visions.

That’s why The Shorty Awards and Wave partnered to make the Elevate Creatives Fund, a program built to offer Creators a financial boost + business know-how to grow into sustainable businesses.

The initial fund of $100,000 will be distributed among five recipients selected based on the merit of their work, creative aspirations and contribution to their communities. Recipients will also receive personalized bookkeeping and accounting coaching from Wave’s in-house experts, offering guidance that most creators don’t realize they badly need until tax season.

“The Creator Economy is booming, but creators have needs that aren’t being met. They don’t necessarily have traditional cash flow and may rely on multiple revenue streams to earn a living, making it challenging to turn their digital talent into a sustainable business,” says Zahir Khoja, CEO, Wave. “Creative entrepreneurship is the economic engine of small business, and we’re thrilled to launch a fund that will directly enable more of these businesses to start, survive, and thrive.”

You’ve gotta love a partnership like this. The Shorty Awards bring 15 years of recognizing the most innovative work in digital and social media, while Wave helps creatives turn themselves into full-fledged small businesses as a one-stop money management tool.

Eligible applicants to the fund include creators who produce commercial, editorial, and/or fine-art digital content, such as social media or blog posts, podcasts, videos, short films, etc. Freelance creatives or independent consultants such as designers, copywriters, and producers who provide creative services can also throw their names in the hat. Applications will be judged by a panel of experts from the Real Time Academy, based on the following criteria: the originality and creativity of the current and recent work; the quality, engagement, and effectiveness of the recent work; their entrepreneurial ambitions; and how they utilize their creative platforms and influence to create a positive impact.

For more information + applications for the grant, visit the Elevate Creatives Fund official site.