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I've got some big news.

I'm gonna let YOU write a few issues of my newsletter.

Let me tell ya what I'm thinking.

I love writing Future Social. We're up to 74,000 subscribers reading social media, marketing, and creator analysis each week! And I'm proud that I've written something like 150 weekly opinion pieces, because, uh, it's not easy to develop that many strategies & opinions.

Buttt I'm getting burned out. And I have other elements of my business I want to explore (video, anyone?) that are taking a lot of time. And I haven't taken a vacation since... maybe 2019?

So, like when Letterman took a Late Show break for heart surgery (wow I probably could've used a less dire example), I wanna offer you the host chair. I'm gonna let you write a few issues.

Do you have a social media strategy you want to share?
Do you have a case study you think people need to hear?
Maybe an industry prediction you wanna write out!

The main focus of Future Social: I want readers to learn something fascinating about social media, see a strategy they've never seen before, or learn how to do something with their own brands.

SO. If you've got a pitch, email me at [email protected] or reply right to this email. Excited to hear what you wanna write about!

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