The Best Of Future Social, 2023 edition

12 reads on social + influencer strategy

2023’s been a hell of a year for me. Taking over Future Social as an independent publication has been quite a thing—standing up the business, wrapping the operation in duct tape, learning what it takes to be a one-man band—so many wins, so many mistakes.

In between forgetting to send invoices, I penned a few pieces this year I’m rather proud of. I’ve gathered 12 favorites from 2023 for you below, sorted by case studies & thought pieces. Give them a read below.

Brand Content Case Studies

  • McDonald’s award-winning Twitter strategy (read)

  • How Fiverr went viral on LinkedIn with silly job titles (read)

  • How Sesame Street launched their TikTok (read)

  • How 7Eleven’s Instagram hit 600k from car content (read)

Influencer Content Case Studies

  • Adobe hired creators to make the perfect TikTok series (read)

  • Hyundai’s chocolatey TikTok sponsored duet (read)

  • Cheez-It’s TikTok influencer pizza (read)

  • Why you don’t need #ad in influencer content (read)

Social Strategy Thought Pieces

  • It’s time to end Unhinged social media (read)

  • Why meme marketing is probably illegal (read)

  • Why your brand should take a break from trend content (read)

  • My 2024 Social Media predictions (read)

Can I run an ad for myself?

I’m quite proud of my 2023 partnerships, and can happily say the majority returned for second and third runs. I love getting creative with brand deals, like

  • Offering free consulting to small businesses with Paysafe

  • A Hootsuite webinar with more than 10,000 viewers

  • 20 million views on a TikTok for SurveyMonkey

  • Giving the closing keynote at AgoraPulse’s summit

  • Testing #ad vs. #partner with Swayable

  • And a whole lot more!

If you’d like to reach 200,000 marketers across my newsletter, LinkedIn, and Twitter with custom content or ads, I’m at [email protected]—let’s make something cool together.